Plans and Pricing

Power AI

$8 /user/mo
Minimum 10 users
10 GB Storage per user
Email support

Powered by Conversational AI out of the box; use plain English commands to get things done and for navigation
Build and deploy Performance Support Bots for any use case where you can make it easy for your users to ask questions in natural language and get answers without having to talk to a human. Do-It-Yourself interface.
Chat seamlessly with any team member who does not speak your language; Support for 100+ languages; Great for multinational teams
iOS, Android and Web
Unlimited Groups and Channels, Unlimited number of people in a group; Enroll Guest users with restricted access.
Bulk import of groups and users
Set up Broadcast only channels
2 Factor Authentication
Google Single Sign On
Smart and Powerful Search; natural language search in English
Trello-like To-dos
No voice and video calls; contextual connect with Whatsapp, Skype, Facetime and telco calls

With Computer Vision AI

$15 /user/mo
Minimum 10 users
15 GB Storage per user
Priority email + chat and phone support
Everything in Power AI

Computer Vision:
Several Computer Vision Models integrated
Specialized channels for uploading and managing media content through the Computer Vision models.
Detects Not Safe For Work Content
Reads text embedded in images and videos
Identifies people, places, objects and scenes in images and videos
Recognizes gender, age, emotions and other facial attributes of persons
Identifies specific people in a database or even celebrities
Specialized Computer Vision Models for Food, Hospitality, Apparel and Fashion available as options
Auto-tags images and videos with meta-data at scale, based on the cognitive content identified by the Computer Vision models.
Catalog, search and discover digital assets on Cordiaa with up to 10x more efficiency than on any other platform.

Dedicated, Fully Managed

Dedicated Deployment in Private Cloud
Unlimited Storage
Dedicated Account Manager
Everything in Computer Vision AI Plan

Custom Development of Bots that connect with backend applications
Conversational Data Layer for the quick and efficient delivery of backend data to the chatbots
Custom AI Orchestrations and Integrations
Full Access Including Computer Vision AI, for Unlimited Number of Users.

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