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Conversational AI is quickly becoming a way in which businesses engage with employees and customers -- from creating virtual assistants and redesigning customer interactions to using conversational assistants to help employees communicate and work better together.

According to Gartner, "by 2020, conversational artificial intelligence will be a supported user experience for more than 50 percent of large, consumer-centric enterprises".

With conversational AI interfaces, people can communicate naturally with computers for the first time. This historic innovation unleashes a wave of changes to search, e-commerce, social networks, productivity software, and devices.

Conversational AI interfaces will impact how people search, how customers interact with businesses, and how we use devices. Conversational AI interfaces hold the power to make us more efficient, creative, social, and productive.

With Conversational AI, a user is able to communicate naturally through either voice or text to get things done.

When you roll out Cordiaa, you get a Conversational AI interface out of the box, across the platform.

Cordiaa brings the Conversational Interface right into your workplace, increasingly making it the new normal in how you converse with software applications.

The natural language conversational bots on Cordiaa have been built with the same deep learning technologies that powers Amazon AlexaAlexa is a registered trademark of Amazon Technologies, Inc.. You can use natural language to ask questions, get answers and to complete sophisticated tasks on Cordiaa.

Anything and everything that you want to get done on Cordiaa, you can use plain English and get that done. With the Conversational Interface available on Cordiaa, any underlying friction with respect to getting things done goes away.

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