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You can build, train and publish an unlimited number of Performance Support on Cordiaa.

Each such Performance Support Bot can be focused on any use case where you can make it easy for your users to ask questions in natural language and get immediate answers without having to talk to a human.

You can build a Performance Support Bot on a specific topic of interest, questions on a product, a process, a service or a knowledge realm.

Once a Performance Support Bot has been published, users can talk to the Bot just like they would talk one-to-one to any other user on Cordiaa. The Performance Support Bot answers your users’ natural language questions with the best possible answers as available in its data set.

With well-designed Performance Support Bots, employees get the information and knowledge on demand to achieve individual performance in the business environment they are in.

Performance Support Bots on Cordiaa can provide just-in-time, just enough training, information, tools, and help for users of a product or work environment, to enable optimum performance by those users when and where needed, thereby also enhancing the performance of the overall business.

Your enterprise applications, legacy or otherwise, may have hundreds of pages of help documentation. Instead of your users having to access lengthy documentation, your users can directly interact in natural language with a Performance Support Bot built for that specific application and get immediate answers for their questions.

By rolling out Performance Support Bots on Cordiaa, you enhance employee productivity by providing on-the-job access to integrated information, advice, and learning experiences.

Employees can access Performance Support Bots to get immediate, online access to the full range of information, software, guidance, advice and assistance, data, images, and tools to permit job performance with minimal support and intervention by others.

Onboard New Employees and get them productive faster

With Performance Support Bots, new employees can be onboarded quickly and can become productive 3 times faster without existing skilled performers having to spend a lot of time training the new recruits.

Reduce Support Costs on applications and Internal IT

Performance Support Bots reduce support costs for enterprise applications and internal IT as users can get contextual support on-demand from the corresponding Bot on Cordiaa.

Move content in Employee Manuals, SOPs to be served by Performance Support Bots through a natural language interface

You can also move content from FAQs, Employee Manuals, Employee on-boarding Processes, Standard Operating Procedures, Product Manuals, Application Help documentation into Performance Support Bots.

You can consider Performance Support Bots in any use case where you can make it easy for your users on Cordiaa to ask questions in natural language and get immediate answers without having to talk to a human.

Small Talk Utterances

To make your Performance Support Bots more conversational and engaging, we have a pre-populated set of Small Talk Utterances and responses which you can incorporate into your Bot.

Based on the persona you want to give to the Bot, you can choose a response category that you think most suits the specific Bot you’re building. These responses are categorized as Professional, Warm and Humorous.

These in-built Small Talk Utterances save you the time and cost of writing these utterances from scratch for each of the Performance Support Bots that you are building.

Keep the information up-to-date, fill information gaps continually

To make sure that the information provided is accurate, up-to-date and comprehensive, users can flag those Performance Support Bot responses that do not meet their expectations. Also, Cordiaa auto-detects any question that the Bot has no answer for. Performance Support Bot admins and curators can continually update the data set to enhance the coverage and accuracy of the Bots on a regular basis.

Performance Support Bots For Sales and Support Reps

With a Performance support Bots for sales teams, they can get fresh, accurate information from a chatbot as they talk to customers and prospects.

New reps become productive 3 times faster. They can ask questions in plain English and get quick answers.

The latest documents like product brochures, price lists, discount matrices, customer lists can be kept ready for delivery on demand at all times.

Similar Performance Support Bots can be built for Customer Support Teams and Customer Success Teams as well.

Need professional help in building Performance Support Bots on Cordiaa?

You can build Performance Support Bots directly on Cordiaa.

If you need any professional help or guidance in building these bots, we could provide you with a 30-minute professional session online.

If you would like us to build these Bots for you, please contact us and our professional services team can build these Bots for you.

Performance Support Bots on Cordiaa can make a significant impact on the efficiency of your workplace by providing answers on demand to people at scale, all through a friendly and familiar conversational interface.

And you can build and publish these Bots through an easy interface and without writing a single line of code!

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