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Cordiaa brings the benefits of Natural Language Processing (NLP) at scale right into your business. Without writing a single line of code!

You can create Natural Language Processing libraries on Cordiaa where you can upload or stream text data to find insights and relationships.

Your unstructured data is all over the place. There’s a treasure trove of information sitting in that textual data. This could be your customer emails, support tickets, product reviews, social media comments etc. Processing all this information manually is next to impossible.

By orchestrating the world’s best NLP engines onto Cordiaa, we have enabled you to identify specific items of interest inside vast swathes of text and learn the sentiment hidden inside the language at scale.

The NLP services orchestrated onto Cordiaa identify the language of the text; extract key phrases, places, people, brands, or events; understand how positive or negative the text is; analyze text using tokenization and parts of speech; and automatically organize a collection of text files by topic.

Transform the Data in Web Pages

Using AI-driven web extraction, we can deliver every piece of data from any website with ease. Clean structured data can be extracted from millions of urls without the need to write rules on a per website basis.

If you provide a seed url, Cordiaa will find all the products, articles, discussion threads, videos and images across the entire site and have them all organized for processing as structured data.

For instance, the AI engine on Cordiaa can automatically generate topics/tags for each discussion and built-in sentiment analysis automatically analyzes each individual post to rate its overall positivity/negativity.

Comments and Reviews in articles and product pages or discussions in an entire site can be automatically extracted for analysis.

Similarly, articles in any language on specific web pages are extracted as clean text, topics/tags automatically generated for each analyzed article and built-in sentiment analysis scores the positivity or negativity of the article as well as that of the comments attached to the article.

Extract Product Data from Web Pages for Analysis

Cordiaa can retrieve all pricing data from a product page including Original Price, Sale Price, Offer Price, Shipping Cost and Discount Amount. If a product comes in price ranges or with quantity-based discounts, that information can also be retrieved for analysis.

All products across an entire shopping site can be identified and data extracted. Reviews pertaining to each product can also be extracted for sentiment analysis. Specification tables of each product if available, are also extracted for analysis.

You also have the option to collect country-specific pricing for the same product, where such pricing is the norm.

Get Answers from your Text Data

You can now discover the meaning and relationships in text from customer support incidents, product reviews, social media feeds, news articles, documents and other sources. For instance, you can identify the feature that is more often mentioned when your customers are happy or unhappy about your product.

Train models on your own data

By providing your labels and a small set of examples for each label, you can classify documents and messages in a way that makes sense for your business, like customer support inquiries by request or social media posts by product. The model can be trained to identify terms that are specific to your business like Tracking Numbers and SKU Codes. Again, without writing a single line of code.

Deep understanding of entities and a continuous learning model

With a deep understanding of entities, key phrases, sentiments and topics in domains including Finance, Health, Media, Telecom, Education, Government, Advertisement and many others, your needs are always served through the continuous learning model that Cordiaa delivers on the platform.

Enhanced Search and Discovery

Conventional search works on basic keywords present in text. With Cordiaa’s NLP engines unleashed, you deliver a far superior search and discovery experience to your users through the automatic indexing of key phrases, entities and sentiment in a body of text.

Ask Questions in Natural Language to Get Insights

With the Conversational AI Interface on Cordiaa, you can ask questions in plain English and find insights and relationships embedded in your treasure trove of textual information. With Slack integration, you can ask questions and get insights right from your Slack interface.