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We have embedded a little bit of AI to make work even more productive.

We have embedded a little bit of AI to make work even more productive.

Shown here is an example of a Performance Support Chatbot that you can build and deploy on Cordiaa without bothering IT folks.

Are your Deskless Workers using consumer apps like WhatsApp for their internal communications?

By eliminating the use of consumer apps for internal communications you regain full visibility, ownership and control of your employee communications.

You also hard-stop the leakage of critical business data to unauthorized third parties and to your competition.

Here are the top benefits of connecting your Deskless Workforce through Cordiaa

  • Streamlined communication across the enterprise, with everyone in sync
  • And a consistent employee experience with Performance Support at the moment-of-need
  • Transforming into a highly engaged Deskless Workforce
  • With significantly enhanced levels of productivity
  • And reduced employee turnover
  • Resulting in lower recruitment, onboarding and training costs
  • Whilst delivering a better customer experience through empowered frontline workers who carry your brand.
  • Not to forget, your critical business data is no more shared with unauthorized third-parties or with your competition through consumer apps
  • Thereby achieving higher levels of data protection and compliance, as well.

Cordiaa is offered at a low, attractive, subscription pricing that does not break the bank.

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