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The Whatsapp+ Alternative Behind Your Firewall

Chat-based Messaging Workspace

Enterprise-wide Messaging: Communicate across the enterprise in real time.

Secure one-to-one Communication : Use it for one-to-one communication and collaboration behind your firewall.

Team, Department and Group Communication: Branches, Departments, Business Verticals, Teams and Sub-teams can have dedicated channels for communication and collaboration within.

Notifications Hub: Integrate Line of Business applications to send notifications to designated channels. This ensures that everyone is on the same page while eliminating the need for sending a multitude of notification emails.

Topic-based Secure Channels: Establish Topic-based channels where information pertaining to a specific topic or a particular product is broadcast to, shared and discussed between authorized people with complete security.

End-to-End Encryption: All your messaging data at rest and in motion is encrypted using AES-256 encryption and resides inside your data center or in your private cloud.

Fast and powerful Search: Search for specific messages and documents and find them quickly, when you really need them. Live Indexing. End-to-end encrypted indexed data.

Database ownership and Sovereignty: Maintain complete control over your company’s sensitive messaging data.

Runs on DataStax Enterprise: The Always-on Data Management Platform of choice of global brands like Sony, Netflix, McDonalds and at least 9 of the top 15 global banks.

Formal Internal Conversations

There’s always the need for formal internal communications in every enterprise and email is the traditionally preferred solution.

With Formal Internal Conversations on Cordiaa, people can formally communicate with one or more persons like in email with the additional benefit of tracking the status of each of those messages with respect to reads and responses.

A person can open a formal internal conversation on Cordiaa and it remains open until it is closed. This way, every single conversation has a life cycle during which time it is tracked to ensure that people read and respond to important communication.

Additionally, all conversations remain on the institution’s secure server, unlike email which gets downloaded to an employee’s computers and smartphones and possibly remains there even after the employee has left the organization.

Task Manager

Cordiaa has a Task Manager that tightly integrates with the Chat-based Messaging Workspace.

You can create Tasks Boards and Lists for each category of Tasks within a Workgroup. A Workgroup may be a an organizational unit like a department or a division, or a team like a project team, management team or a task force.

Tasks can be assigned to an individual or a workgroup. Tasks can also be assigned to multiple individuals for it to be individually executed by each of those persons.


The Dashboard reflects the status of all Tasks: Not started, In Progress and Completed.

Tasks can be forwarded to another person, so several people may work sequentially on a Task assigned to a person, until it is completed.

Tasks can be tracked from assignment to completion, including %age completion when a Task is in progress.

Tasks can also be assigned based on events and triggers in the organization’s Line of Business Applications.

A significant contributor to email overload is the use of email to assign Tasks. The Task Manager on Cordiaa eliminates the need for people to use email to assign Tasks.

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